Vacant positions for chorus tenors

Open Chorus Audition - Tenor Danish National Opera/ Den Jyske Opera

Tenors audition 10th November from 10:30 a.m.


Den Jyske Opera/Danish National Opera - the national touring opera company based in Aarhus, Denmark - has a number of vacant positions for chorus tenors to be taken up 21st August 2018 or by agreement.

We are looking for committed and flexible singers who can fulfill a broad spectrum of musical, theatrical and vocal requirements.

The auditions will affect the present list of extra chorus (assistants).  Only singers who sing at the audition and qualify will be registered on the list of extra chorus.


Applications must be submitted by e-mail to Chorus Manager Tina Nielsen using the form below and accompanied by a photo. Voice recordings are welcomed but optional. The application form must be scanned in and submitted as a pdf file. 

The application must be received by Den Jyske Opera/Danish National Opera no later than 20th October 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Forms may be downloaded from the link below. 

Download UK application form for singing audition. 

Download the obligatory pieces here (read more below) 
Mandatory chorus piece
Mandatory chamber choir piece

Terms of payment and employment

As per Dansk Korforbund (The Danish Federation of Professional Choruses). 


Time and place of auditions

10th November for tenors from 10:30 a.m.

in the rehearsal rooms of Den Jyske Opera/Danish National Opera at Frichsparken 38F, Søren Frichs vej, 8230 Åbyhøj in Aarhus, Denmark.

Applicants invited to the audition will be notified about the exact schedule for the audition by e-mail no later than 24th October 2017.


Adjudication panel

The audition panel will assess the performances of the applicants and will consist of

General and Artistic Director of the Danish National Opera, Philipp Kochheim

Chorus Manager Tina Nielsen

Studienleiter Peter Pade

Representatives of the Danish National Opera Chorus (Den Jyske Operas Kor)

The Union representative of the Chorus (observer)

An external voice expert (observer)

1st round:

Participants will sing their own choice of operatic aria from memory of a maximum of 5 minutes in length.    

2nd round:

Shortlisted participants who have passed the 1st round will perform

  • A mandatory chorus piece from the opera repertoire (to be sung from memory)
  • A mandatory short chamber choir piece (not to be memorized)
  • A short piece sung at sight (seconda vista). 

Download the obligatory pieces here 
Mandatory chorus piece
Mandatory chamber choir piece

Please note that the requirements of the audition cannot be waived. This includes performance from memory.


Den Jyske Opera/Danish National Opera will provide a pianist for the audition. It is not possible for the applicants to bring their own pianist. Please bring music sheets for the pianist.

Information and questions

Applicants are very welcome to contact the Chorus Manager, Tina Nielsen with queries.


Chorus Manager

Tina Nielsen