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Anmeldelser af Joseph Calleja fra rollen som Alfredo (med Renée Fleming som Violetta) i Verdis La Traviata, Royal Opera House Covent Garden, London (juni-juli 2009):

"...The Maltese tenor’s beautifully rounded voice oozes old-school class — he’s shiveringly good...".

The Times by Neil Fisher published: 22 June 2009

" ...Joseph Calleja was the most endearing of Alfredos, singing with fresh, forthright, vibrant tone... ". by Rupert Christiansen 19 June 2009

"...As Alfredo Joseph Calleja proved why he is in such demand by all the major opera houses across the globe. His tenor has a fast, appealing vibrato and despite the fact there wasn't much sexual chemistry between him and Fleming, he give an exquisitely nuanced performance full of Italiante warmth...". by Keith McDonnell 21 June 2009

"... Calleja, meanwhile, has never performed better at Covent Garden: ... the way he swaggers about and throws the casino chips at Violetta in Act 2, Scene 2 totally suits the character. His voice has gained a new gravity, too ...the security of line and relaxed stance he took made his singing a pleasure...". by Dominic McHugh 19 June 2009

" ...Experience and authority fleshed out act two more than one can say with even the young head on old shoulders of Joseph Calleja displaying fabulous maturity. What a distinctive quality this warm and engaging voice has, the flutter of rapid vibrato lending a wonderfully inviting quality to his ample middle range...".

The Independent by Edward Seckerson 19 June 2009

"...In previous revivals, Joseph Calleja's Alfredo proved the complete vocalist but an indifferent actor. Here, in his newfound engagement with the character of Violetta's young lover, he takes several steps forward. Formerly stiff, he now presents an ideal combination of the vulnerable and the headstrong; when he hurls his winnings at Violetta in the gambling scene, his violence is genuinely shocking...".

The Guardian, George Hall, 22 June 2009

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